Species Data

Categorisation: Toxic Monkey Pokémon

Height: 2'4" (0.7 m)​

Weight: 60 lbs. (27.2 kg)​

Ability: Unburden
Boosts the Speed stat if the Pokémon's held item is used or lost.
Alternate Ability: Poison Touch
May poison a target when the Pokémon makes contact.

Grafaiai was first teased on the 29th August with a Tweet by the official Pokémon account showing four mysterious images of painted trees purportedly found in the Paldea Region.

On the 30th August, the account then tweeted a follow-up confirming that the markings had been made by a new Pokémon called Grafaiai – although that it was “difficult to catch in action”, leading to mysterious blurry shadows being the first known images of Grafaiai.

The full form of Grafaiai was revealed on the 1st September with a nature documentary style trailer. It is shown painting it’s markings using it’s elongated middle fingers, which are sweetly scented to attract other Pokémon such as Scatterbug as prey.


Announcement Trailer

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