Species Data

Categorisation: Ambush Pokémon

Height: 4'3"

Weight: 174.2 lbs.

Ability: Anger Shell
When Klawf’s HP drops to half or less, the Pokémon gets angry. This lowers its Defense and Sp. Def stats but boosts its Attack, Sp. Atk, and Speed stats.
Alternate Ability: Shell Armor
A hard shell protects the Pokémon from critical hits.

Klawf was revealed during the 7th September trailer and appears both as a standard roaming Pokémon and as a ‘Titan’ boss Pokémon you will encounter and battle alongside Arven.

Klawf can rotate its protruding eyeballs to see everything around it, eliminating all blind spots. It latches upside down onto cliffs to ambush its prey from above. However, Klawf eventually gets dizzy from the blood rushing to its head, so it can’t stay upside down too long.

Klawf’s new ability, Anger Shell, raises it’s Attack, Sp. Attack, and Speed at the expense of both Defense stats when it’s HP drops below halfway.


Announcement Trailer

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