Pokémon Go announces Amazon Prime Gaming tie-up with bi-weekly reward bundles for Prime Members

Posted at: 5:57pm on 19th May 2022(Updated at: 5:57 pm 19/5/2022)

Niantic has announced that Amazon Prime members will, for the next few months, be able to claim in-game Pokémon Go rewards for free simply by redeeming and entering unique promo voucher codes through Amazon Prime Gaming.

A total of six bundles available from now through to July will be available containing items such as Max Revives, PokéBalls and Star Pieces. All of which should be helpful for participating in the summer of Pokémon Go Fest events planned over the same period.

No further bundles or Prime Membership bonuses other than the 6 announced have been confirmed, but Prime Gaming consistently offers free DLC, content and games for members in lots of other games and franchises, so perhaps there will yet be more rewards to come.

All codes can be claimed via the Amazon Prime Gaming website and can be entered either into Niantic’s Redeeming Offer Codes page online or into the Pokémon Go in-app store.

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