How to use incense in Pokémon Sleep

Every time you track a sleep session in Pokémon Sleep, you’ll eventually awake to find a selection of Pokémon have gathered around your Snorlax. While you can’t exert much control over what those Pokémon might be, you can activate up to two different incense items ahead of your sleep session to either confer a special effect when you wake up or to attract a specific type of Pokémon more than others.

Standard Incenses

After completing a sleep research session, these incense items will confer a specific special effect. Each item is one use only and can be found in the General Store on sale for Diamonds or in the Sleep Point Exchanges for Sleep Points.

ItemEffectCurrent Price
(July 2023)
Focus IncenseDoubles the research EXP gained after sleep research. 150
Friend IncenseEnsures that at least one Pokémon will appear during snack time feeling particularly hungry.150
Growth IncenseDoubles the EXP that helpers gain after sleep research.150
Luck IncenseDoubles the Dream Shards received after sleep research.150
Recovery IncenseDoubles the Energy that helpers recover after sleep research.400

Type Incenses

This incense will make specific types of Pokémon more likely to appear after completing sleep research, but you’ll need to obtain them as rewards and gifts.

Normal IncenseAttracts Normal-type Pokémon to the camp.
Fire IncenseAttracts Fire-type Pokémon to the camp.
Water IncenseAttracts Water-type Pokémon to the camp.
Electric IncenseAttracts Electric-type Pokémon to the camp.
Grass IncenseAttracts Grass-type Pokémon to the camp.
Ice IncenseAttracts Ice-type Pokémon to the camp.
Fighting IncenseAttracts Fighting-type Pokémon to the camp.
Poison IncenseAttracts Poison-type Pokémon to the camp.
Ground IncenseAttracts Ground-type Pokémon to the camp.
Flying IncenseAttracts Flying-type Pokémon to the camp.
Psychic IncenseAttracts Psychic-type Pokémon to the camp.
Bug IncenseAttracts Bug-type Pokémon to the camp.
Rock IncenseAttracts Rock-type Pokémon to the camp.
Ghost IncenseAttracts Ghost-type Pokémon to the camp.
Dragon IncenseAttracts Dragon-type Pokémon to the camp.
Dark IncenseAttracts Dark-type Pokémon to the camp.
Steel IncenseAttracts Steel-type Pokémon to the camp.
Fairy IncenseAttracts Fairy-type Pokémon to the camp.

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