Additional Pokémon Go official meetups planned for May’s Alolan Geodude Community Day

Posted at: 1:17pm on 11th May 2022

Last month for the Stufful Community Day, Niantic hosted a series of official community day meetups in cities all over the world. This month, for Alolan Geodude Community Day on the 21st May, even more cities will be hosting these in-person events as the game builds up to this summer’s Go Fest days in Germany, America and Japan.

As with last month, Niantic are hosting a mix of official in-person meetups and bonus PokéStops in other locations that will reward extra items when spun. For the full map including the nearest of either type of event near you, check out the latest official Pokémon Go blog post.

There are still quite a lot of major cities that don’t have either type of event running this Community Day, but hopefully as these keep expanding there’s a greater chance of one coming to your nearest one too.

Prior to all of that, though, this month’s Water Festival event starts tomorrow at 10am, bringing Dewpider, Araquanid and Tapu Fini to the game for the first time, as well as a special costumed Lapras. Make sure to check out our previous post about it for more information!

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