Alolan Geodude to star in May’s Pokémon Go Community Day

Posted at: 5:19pm on 25th April 2022(Updated at: 5:19 pm 25/4/2022)

With the Stufful Community Day only just passed, we already have the date and star of next month’s. Alolan Geodude will take the stage on the 21st May, this time between 11am and 2pm local time.

You’ll need at least 100 candy to evolve Alolan Graveller into Alolan Golem so plan well!

Evolving Alolan Graveller during the event or up to two hours afterwards will get you an Alolan Golem with the exclusive Fast Attack, Rollout. This is the first time Rollout has been available within the game and is said to generate energy very quickly. In trainer battles it has a base power of 4 and a base power of 14 in Gyms and Raids.

A Community Day Special Research story, ‘A Rocky Road’, will also be available to purchase for $1.00. For the first time, you will also be able to gift this ticket to a friend by tapping ‘gift’ instead of ‘buy’ in the shop.

Other standard Community Day bonuses such as new stickers, new bundles & group, candy, incense and other bonuses will also be active during the three hours of the event. Check out Niantic’s own blog post for the finer details.

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