Amaura and Tyrunt to debut in Pokémon Go during next week’s fossil-themed Adventure Week

Posted at: 8:42pm on 31st May 2022

Adventure Week returns to Pokémon Go next week, running from 10am on the 7th June to 8pm on the 12th, and Generation VI’s fossil Pokémon, Amaura and Tyrunt are making their debut along with it both within Eggs and as Field Research rewards.

The fossil themed event also sees the return of all previously released fossil Pokémon, as well as the debut of Shiny Tirtouga and Shiny Archen for the first time. Mega Aerodactyl will also be taking over Mega Raids for the week, while rock and ground Pokémon – including Gen III Legendary Groudon – will be appearing in the other raid tiers.

A Global Challenge during this weekend’s Go Fest will also unlock special Ultra Unlock bonuses during the week – if players can complete at least 20 Global Challenges during the weekend. Details of which – if they are unlocked – will be announced next Monday.

A double XP bonus for spinning PokéStops and a 5x XP bonus for spinning one for the first time will also be available during the week.

Wild Encounters

Common EncountersRhyhorn -- Shiny Icon OnOmanyte -- Shiny Icon On Kabuto -- Shiny Icon OnLarvitar -- Shiny Icon OnAron -- Shiny Icon OnLileep -- Shiny Icon OnAnorith -- Shiny Icon OnCranidos -- Shiny Icon OnShieldon -- Shiny Icon On
Rare EncountersImage of Graveler - Shiny OffImage of Aerodactyl - Shiny OnImage of Pupitar - Shiny On


1-StarGeodude -- Shiny Icon OnAlolan GeodudeSudowoodoRoggenrola
3-StarRhydon -- Shiny Icon OnShuckleTyranitarAggron
MegaMega Aerodactyl


7kmShuckle -- Shiny Icon OnSlugma - Shiny Icon OnCranidos - Shiny Icon OnShieldon - Shiny OnTirtouga - Shiny OnArchen - Shiny OnTyrunt - Shiny OnAmaura - Shiny On

Field Research Task Encounters

CommonOmanyte -- Shiny Icon OnKabuto -- Shiny Icon OnAerodactyl -- Shiny Icon OnLileep - Shiny OnAnorith - Shiny OnCranidos - Shiny OnShieldon - Shiny OnTirtouga - Shiny OnArchen - Shiny OnTyrunt - Shiny OffAmaura - Shiny On
RareTirtouga - Shiny OnArchen - Shiny On

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