Bidoof takes centre stage in new original animated short

Posted at: 2:00pm on 11th January 2022(Updated at: 4:04 am 9/2/2022)

A new animated short produced by The Pokémon Company International and Taiko Studios has been released. Taking a very different style to other recent animated shorts, Bidoof’s Big Stand tells the story of “a bumbling Bidoof with a tendency to bite off more than it can chew” and the journey it takes to find its place in the world.

It’s unclear whether we can expect any more shorts in this series, or perhaps even more of Bidoof, but the video’s credits mention a ‘Project Butterfree’ team at TPCI, so perhaps this is just the first of many projects we’ll see from them this year.

You can full the full 8 minute episode below right now:

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