Brand new “Catch ‘Em” Battles arriving in Pokémon Unite next week

Posted at: 10:38am on 27th May 2022(Updated at: 10:38 am 27/5/2022)

A brand new battle mode is launching in Pokémon Unite this coming Monday the 30th May, allowing players to take control of the AI Pokémon they defeat on the map for a short time – even the fearsome legendary Pokémon of Regigigas, Articuno and Zapdos.

As shown in a promotional video for the new mode, a new version of the main map will be available for 4vs4 battles. This map places Regigigas in the centre, Articuno at the top and Zapdos at the bottom, while also adding multiple Araquanids, Drednaws and Rotoms alongside other Pokémon such as Ludicolo, Tauros and Ambipom. Upon defeating any of these Pokémon you may have the opportunity to swap to playing as them for a short period of time.

Although we don’t get to see the moves of all of the Pokémon as they’re taken control of, we can see that Ludicolo has the moves Giga Drain and Water Gun as well as a standard attack, so although they don’t have Unite moves and seemingly cannot score goals, it is pretty close to being able to play as these Pokémon fully – something that is definitely pretty exciting when it comes to the legendary Pokémon!

The caught Pokémon have their own lifebar as well as a timer limiting their use. This opens up for some interesting strategies, including swapping to your caught Pokémon when your health is low for a comeback against your foes.

Pokémon Unite’s first birthday is rapidly approaching this July, so perhaps this isn’t the only big new feature we might see in the near future. If they’re anything as cool as this new feature we might just even play the game again!

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