Duraludon coming to Pokémon Unite on 14th March

Posted at: 1:18pm on 8th March 2022(Updated at: 1:18 pm 8/3/2022)

Originally announced on Pokémon Day’s Pokémon Presents stream, Duraludon is the latest character to be added to Pokémon Unite, with the Unite License being available after an update on the 14th March.

The Generation 8 Steel/Dragon type will be a Ranged Attacker with moves such as Stealth Rock and Steel Beam. The trailer doesn’t give away too much, but it does look like Duraludon’s Unite Move will be a powerful Area of Effect attack, although it doesn’t seem like Gigantamax Duraludon will be making an appearance as fans may have hoped.

Duraludon brings Pokémon Unite’s total roster of characters to 33 and is the 4th character added already this year, following hot on the heels of Hoopa, Aegislash and Trevenant.

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