First details about Pokémon Go Fest Berlin revealed

Posted at: 1:26pm on 5th May 2022(Updated at: 1:55 pm 5/5/2022)

The first of this summer’s 3 in-person Go Fest events kicks off on the 1st July in Berlin, and now we finally have a greater picture on what trainers who can make the trip can come to expect.

Taking place in Britzer Garten, standard tickets will cost €24.99, with early access tickets available for €32.13. As these are for a real-world event, sales will be limited so if you’re planning on it, you’ll have to make sure to head to the tickets website to buy yours ASAP. General admission will run from 11am to 6pm local time, while the Early Access tickets will grant access from 9am. Each ticket gets you access for one full day and there are no full-weekend tickets available, so far.

Additional add-ons can also be purchased alongside the tickets with the following bonuses:

Raid Lover Add-On (+€10.06)

Grants up to 12 in-person raid passes in total for each day by spinning Photo Discs at Gyms; an additional 5,000 XP after every raid you complete successfully, and six additional Candy & three additional Candy XL after catching Pokémon in 5-star Raids

Critical Hatch! Add-on (+€10.06)

Hatch eggs in 1/4 the normal distance (does not stack with other egg-hatching bonuses) and earn double the XP, double the Candy and double the Stardust for hatching Eggs.

Go Fest Highlights

During each day of the Go Fest, ticket holders will be able to explore Britzer Garten to complete exclusive Field and Special Research tasks and earn an encounter with Sky Forme Shaymin.

Shiny Pansear and Shiny Foongus will make their Pokémon Go debuts during the event and special 5-star Raids taking place all across the city of Berlin will feature Cresselia and Darkrai.

A special Go Fest 2022 t-shirt will be available during both during this event and the other 2 in-person Go Fest events in Japan and America, while autograph sessions will be available to meet up with Pokémon Go content-creators and influencers.

Trainers at the event will also be able to make up to six Special Trades, and enjoy reduced Stardust cost for every trade made during the event hours. A special Trading Post area will be available to organise trades with other players. Likewise, a Battle Ground area will be available to organise PVP fights.

Four real-world habitats will be set up across the Britzer Garden area, each with their own special Pokémon spawns:

Electric Garden*+ More
Windy Coast+ More
Living Meadow+ More
Molten Rocks+ More
*Hisuian Voltorb

After the Berlin Go Fest, Seattle will host their own on the 24th July and Sapporo, Japan will host theirs on the 7th August.

Bookmarking all of these live events, the first weekend of June will see a global in-app Go Fest event, where Land Form Shaymin will be available, with a final event at the end of August due to take place, again, globally and entirely in-game.

But first, the first in-person Pokémon Go Event since the pandemic will take place in Spain – the home of the upcoming Scarlet and Violet games – with Seville playing host to the Pokémon Go Safari Zone between the 13th and 15th May. More information on that is available on Niantic’s website.

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