Ghost Type Typhlosion Tera Raid event is now live

Posted at: 9:58am on 14th April 2023

This weekend’s Typhlosion Tera Raid event in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is now live. This Level 100 Typhlosion has the Ghost Tera Type and its Hidden Ability, Flash Fire. Typhlosion knows the powerful moves Eruption, Shadow Ball, Play Rough, Earthquake and Sunny Day – a combination that will will make for tough counters to Typhlosion’s Ghost and Dark type weaknesses.

Defeating Typhlosion for the first time will reward trainers with TM114 Shadow Ball and an Ability Patch, along with other items such as Exp Candy, Calcium and Ghost Tera Shards.

Subsequent battles may also reward you with additional items, including Rare Candies, Star Pieces, Comet Shards, Nuggets, Mild Mints, PP Up, Bottle Caps and Ability Capsules.

Players can challenge Typhlosion as many times as they wish but can only catch one Typhlosion per game. The raid will be available until the 16th of April and will be returning next weekend between the 21st and 23rd of April.

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