Inteleon makes its way to 7 Star Tera Raids this weekend

Posted at: 3:05pm on 24th April 2023

Inteleon makes its debut in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet from April 28th through to the 30th, continuing the trend of 7 Star Tera Raids to feature starter Pokémon from previous generations.

Putting up a mighty challenge, Inteleon will have the Ice Tera Type, along with the Mightiest Mark, so that you can show off your hard-won victory against this tricky opponent.

And if this weekend proves to be a challenge, Inteleon is set to return for a second round from 5th May to the 7th.

As with other 7 Star raids, you’ll be able to catch Inteleon once but can continue challenging raids as much as you like throughout the event.

This rounds out April’s set of Tera Raid challenges, where we’ve seen 7 Star Tera Raids featuring both Samurott and Typhlosion, as well as several spotlight raids on Blissey and Ditto.

In May, in addition to the second round of Inteleon raids, we also see the return of Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, who are available to fight in 5 Star Tera Raids from May 1st through to the 14th for those who couldn’t get their hands on them the first time round.

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