Mega Latios and Mega Latias are soaring into Pokémon Go next week

Posted at: 5:23pm on 29th April 2022(Updated at: 5:24 pm 29/4/2022)

After what’s already been a big week for Mega Evolution, Pokémon Go is keeping the ball rolling with even more new Mega Pokémon jetting into the game next week. Mega Latios and Mega Latias will start appearing in Mega Raids from Tuesday with a new ‘Pokémon Air Adventures’ event kicking off from 10am local time on the 3rd May until 8pm on the 8th May.

During this week, not only will Mega Latios and Mega Latias be appearing in Mega Raids more often (so make sure to take advantage of Mega Kangaskhan’s Mega Raid day this weekend before it gets crowded out!), but a host of airborne Pokémon (and, er, Meowth) will be appearing more regularly, including their shiny forms and the return of the Pokémon-Yellow-inspired Flying Pikachu.

Charizard and Mantine will also be available as rare spawns.

Mega Latios/Latias

During the event, if you can defeat and catch Mega Latios or Mega Latias, they will know the exclusive Psychic Charged Attacks Mist Ball, for Latias, or Luster Purge for Latios.

Mist Ball is a 120 power attack in Trainer Battles and has a chance to lower the opposing Pokémon’s attack. In Gyms and Raid battles it is still an impressive 105 power.

Luster Purge is also a 120 base power attack during Trainer Battles, and has the chance to lower the opposing Pokémon’s defense. In Gyms and Raid Battles it is 100 power instead.

Other Event Bonuses

A new Timed Research mission focused on catching Pikachu and Flying-type Pokémon will also be available during the event. Completing this Research will net 50 Latias Mega Energy, 50 Latios Mega Energy, 3,000 XP and an encounter with Flying Pikachu.

Charizard, Lapras and Togekiss will also be appearing in three-star raids during the event, with Charizard and Lapras potentially being shiny if you can defeat and catch them. Likewise, Mega Latios and Mega Latias can also be shiny if you can defeat their Mega Raids.

Event Eggs

7km Eggs you obtain during the event might also hatch into one of these 4 Pokémon – with Togepi potentially being shiny. Any eggs placed in an incubator during the event will also hatch twice as quickly.

Research Task encounters

Finally, completing Field Research tasks that reward you with Pokémon encounters may allow you to encounter Flying Pikachu, Doduo, Swablu or Emolga – with all but Emolga potentially being Shiny.

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