Mysterious New Pokémon Teased in Premiere of Pokémon Horizons Anime Series

Posted at: 11:22am on 14th April 2023(Updated at: 11:22 am 14/4/2023)

A mysterious brand new Pokémon has been teased in the premiere of the new Pokémon Horizons anime series. The episode, broadcast in Japan earlier today, showed a brief glimpse of the Pokémon, which bears a striking resemblance to Terapagos, one of the stars of the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet & Violet expansion pass.

The Pokémon, which is currently un-named, appears to have some kind of connection to the Terastal phenomenon and may be a weaker form of Terapagos or a pre-evolution of it. The Pokémon Company has yet to make any official reveal other than a screenshot of the scene from the episode.

The tease of a completely new Pokémon that is not yet available in the games harkens back to the very first episode of the Pokémon anime in 1997, which ended with the reveal of the then-un-named Ho-oh flying through the skies above Ash and Pikachu following their climactic Spearow chase.

We’ll keep you updated on any official reveal of the new Pokémon, and will be sure to add it to our new Cryptidex alongside Terapagos and the other new Pokémon revealed for the upcoming DLC as soon as we have some concrete information about it. 

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