New Mystery Gifts available for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, including a competitively trained Palafin

Posted at: 9:37am on 14th April 2023(Updated at: 9:42 am 14/4/2023)

Several new Mystery Gift distributions have begun for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. From now until 14:59 UTC on 2nd October, players can enter codes to receive Rare Candies, Revives and special Poké Balls. While a competitively trained Palafin is available this weekend to celebrate the European International Championships taking place in London.

The codes were revealed via email from Nintendo Japan but are available worldwide. The first code, LEVELUP, rewards 10 Rare Candies, while the second code REV1VE rewards 5 Max Revives. Finally, CATCHBYBALL will get you 5 Nest, Dive, Dusk, Timer, Quick & Luxury Balls.

The European International Championships are also underway at London’s ExCel, with competitors from Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Pokémon Go, Pokémon Unite and the Pokémon Trading Card Game battling it out to qualify for the World Championships in Japan.

To celebrate the event, the code 0C1CV1CT0RGAV1N rewards players with a Lv 50 Palafin, holding Mystic Water, with the attacks Jet Punch, Wave Crash, Haze and Protect. This Palafin is only available through to the 17th April.

Evolving Finizen into Palafin can be an awkward task for players in Scarlet & Violet as it requires a friend joining you in your game and watching you win a battle with Finizen when it is ready to level up at Lv 38, so this could be a great way to get your hands on a Palafin for your PokéDex, with the added bonus of it already being competitively trained! 

Meanwhile, attendees at the ExCel have the opportunity to buy exclusive Pokémon merchandise from a popup Pokémon Center. However, while the Pokémon Center store is essentially open to the general public, due to the chaos of the first London Pokémon Center pop-up back in 2019, a reservation system has been put in place for this year’s event. Those wishing to attend must make a timeslot reservation from the official website

The Pokémon Center pop-up is open throughout the weekend, from 8:30am today to 4pm on the 16th April. You can follow along with the European International Championships themselves on the Twitch streams detailed below:

Pokémon Trading Card
Friday, April 14: 9am – 9pm BST
Saturday, April 15: 9am – 9pm BST
Sunday, April 16: Finals start at 10am BST on

Pokémon GO
Friday, April 14: 9am – 12pm BST
Saturday, April 15: 9am – 8pm BST
Sunday, April 16: Finals start at 9am BST on

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
Friday, April 14: 9am – 12pm BST
Saturday, April 15:  9am – 12pm BST
Sunday, April 16: Finals start at 9am BST on

Pokémon UNITE
Friday, April 14: 9am – 3pm BST
Saturday, April 15:  9am: Quarterfinals to Grand Finals

Codes Available:

0C1CV1CT0RGAV1N14th April 2023 – 17th April 2023
LEVELUPx10 Rare Candies14th April 2023 – 2nd October 2023
REV1VEx5 Max Revives14th April 2023 – 2nd October 2023
CATCHBYBALLx5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x514th April 2023 – 2nd October 2023

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