Next Pokémon TCG Set Astral Radiance announced with new Radiant Pokémon Mechanic and Hisui Region Pokémon

Posted at: 3:15pm on 8th March 2022(Updated at: 9:41 pm 8/3/2022)

The next Pokémon TCG expansion has been announced for release on the 27th May, and despite retaining the Sword and Shield main name, the ties to Pokémon Legends Arceus instead couldn’t possibly be clearer. Sword and Shield Astral Radiance will localise cards from several recent Japanese mini-sets, with the Hisuian forms of Legend Arceus’ starter Pokémon and the Origin Formes of Dialga and Palkia adorning the set’s booster packaging. The set will also feature various other Hisuian Pokémon and card art that showcases the Hisui Region.

A new mechanic, ‘Radiant Pokémon’ will also be added with this set. These three special cards will feature Shiny Pokémon illustrated in special etched artwork and will each have a powerful ability or attack that is expected to have a big shake up of the Pokémon TCG meta game when the set launches.

The recently added Pokémon VSTAR mechanic will still remain a key feature of this set, however, with a further 8 Pokémon VSTAR cards being included alongside 21 Pokémon V and two Pokémon VMAX cards. So there’ll definitely be absolutely no shortage of power creep gimmicks to keep you happy no matter what you pull.

A special Trainer Gallery subset of 30 cards featuring fan-favourite Trainers and Pokémon will also be included within this set.

A Darkrai themed Elite Trainer Box will launch alongside the set, with a Pokémon Center exclusive premium version available to pre-order now from the US, Canada and UK Pokémon Center websites.

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