New trailer for Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC shows off new areas, new and returning Pokémon

Posted at: 3:14pm on 21st June 2023

Today’s Nintendo Direct kicked off with a surprise new look at the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC, the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. While neither DLC pack has received a release date yet, we did get a detailed glimpse of the new areas in both Part One: The Teal Mask and Part Two: The Indigo Disk.

As previously announced back on Pokémon Day, the first part of the DLC will take place in a new area called Kitakami. This new trailer introduces us to some of the Pokémon found there as well as characters like Carmine and Kieran. All four previously announced new Pokémon being added with this pack also make their first in-game appearances.

The new trailer also gives us a good look at Part Two’s Blueberry Academy for the first time. Along with the stadium-like area we’ve seen glimpses of in official artwork, an entire new open world area will be available, set in an underwater terrarium with four distinctly different biomes intersecting with one another. A brief look at Terapagos, another one of the new Pokémon set to appear in the DLC rounds the trailer off.

To celebrate today’s news, a special Tera Raid Battle Event is taking place in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet from today, featuring Shiny Chest Form Gimmighoul in 5-star Raids. These raids will last from today through to the 2nd July at 5pm PT.

A Mystery Gift code for 10x Nuggets, 10x Rare Candies and 1x Friend Ball was also announced. Simply enter the code TREASUREHUNT before the 31st July 8pm PT.

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