Pokémon Day Pokémon Presents announced for 2pm UTC on the 27th February

Posted at: 4:48pm on 24th February 2022(Updated at: 4:24 pm 28/2/2022)

With Pokémon Day just around the corner, a Pokémon Presents live stream has been announced to take place on the 27th February at 2pm UTC.

Throughout this week, The Pokémon Company has announced smaller updates across games such as Pokémon Café Remix, Pokémon Masters and Pokémon Unite, as well as new Max Raids in Sword and Shield and, of course, the Johto Tour event in Pokémon Go this weekend. So with quite a lot of these already out of the way, we might not be totally insane for hoping for some big updates in the 14 minute stream this Sunday.

Speculation has been rife that we might be seeing even more content for Pokémon Legends Arceus, as well as potentially even a new Let’s Go style game potentially set in the Johto Region. Perhaps we might even see the first signs of the next, 9th, Generation of Pokémon? We’ll be looking forward to whatever news the Pokémon Company might have for us, either way, and we’ll be sure to bring it all to you on Sunday as well.

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