Pokémon Go Adventure Week Ultra Unlock bonuses are, err… ultra unlocked

Posted at: 9:26am on 6th June 2022(Updated at: 9:26 am 6/6/2022)

As a result of players completing hourly Global Challenges across the past weekend’s Go Fest, additional bonuses have been unlocked for this coming week’s fossil-themed Adventure Week event, including the appearance of, potentially Shiny, Unown F in Raids.

As well as all of the Pokémon and bonuses covered in our original Adventure Week post – which includes the Pokémon Go debut of Amaura and Tyrunt – the following additional bonuses and Pokémon will be available:

Unown F in One-Star Raids

The ‘F’ form of Unown will join Geodude, Alolan Geodude, Sudowoodo and Roggenrola in One-Star raids throughout the week. All of these Pokémon, including Unown, may also be shiny.

Timed Research

An additional special Timed Research focused on exploring will be available during the event, rewarding three free incubators.

Research Day

On Sunday, between 11am and 3pm local time, Tyrunt and Amaura will, alternately across each hour, appear more frequently making it the perfect chance to collect these new fossil Pokémon.

PokémonTime featured
11:00am -> 12:00pm1:00pm -> 2:00pm
12:00pm -> 1:00pm2:00pm -> 3:00pm

Cranidos and Shieldon will also be available as reward encounters for Limited Research tasks available from Pokéstops during the event.

Additionally, the following Pokémon will also be available in the wild during the event – all of which may also be Shiny.

Adventure Sync rewards

Finally, additional Adventure Sync rewards will be available to claim on Monday the 13th June.

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