Pokémon Go says Alola To the Season of Alola next week with a branching Special Research and a special Alolan Marowak

Posted at: 8:48pm on 18th May 2022(Updated at: 8:48 pm 18/5/2022)

Pokémon Go’s Season of Alola event comes to a close at the end of this month, and to see it off a special “Alola To Alola” event will run from the 25th May 10am local time to the 31st May 8pm local. During this week, not only will all four Legendary Guardian Pokémon be available in 5-star raids, but a branching Special Research story will be available both for $4.99 USD, or by completing previous Special Researches, offering unique rewards depending on which path you choose.

For players that have collected and completed all four of the previous Season of Alola Special Research stories focused on the four main Islands of the Alola Region and their Guardian Deity Pokémon, a bonus ‘Alola to Alola’ Special Research story will be unlocked for free. Much like the recent Mega Evolution event Special Research, you will have to choose one of four paths to take in completing the story’s tasks. Each path is based on one of the four Alolan Islands and features very different rewards, including Alolan Form Pokémon encounters.

By purchasing a $4.99 USD ticket in the in-game shop, you will either be able to access the Special Research Story directly, without having completed the other 4 already, or be able to replay it with the option of either picking the same path again for more of the same rewards, or to play one of the remaining 3 paths and collect their rewards as well.

Melemele Island Path

Description: “Trainers who are most interested in Melemele Island and spending time with their friends should pick this research path! These tasks will focus on social challenges like sending Gifts and taking snapshots”


Image of PoffinsImage of Lure ModuleImage of Lucky EggsImage of Alolan Raichu - Shiny OnImage of Pom-Pom Style Oricorio Hat
2x Poffins; 1x Lure Module; 4x Lucky Eggs, (Possibly Shiny) Alolan Raichu encounter; Pom-Pom style Oricorio avatar hat “and more”

Akala Island Path

Description: “Trainers who are most interested in Akala Island and adventuring should pick this research path! These tasks will focus on challenges like exploring a certain amount of kilometers or spinning PokéStops”


Image of IncenseImage of Standard IncubatorImage of Super IncubatorImage of Alolan Marowak - Shiny OnImage of Pa'u Style Oricorio Hat
1x Incense; 2x Incubators; 1x Super Incubator, (Possibly Shiny) Alolan Marowak encounter; Pa’u style Oricorio avatar hat “and more”

Ula’ula Island Path

Description: “Trainers who are most interested in Ula’Ula Island and catching Pokémon should pick this research path! These tasks will focus on challenges like catching a certain amount of Pokémon or performing certain types of Throws”


Image of Glacial LureImage of Magnetic LureImage of IncenseImage of Alolan Vulpix - Shiny OnImage of Baile Style Oricorio Hat
1x Glacial Lure; 1x Magnetic Lure; 4x Incense, (Possibly Shiny) Alolan Vulpix encounter; Baile style Oricorio avatar hat “and more”

Poni Island Path

Description: “Trainers who are most interested in Poni Island and battling should pick this research path! These tasks will focus on challenges like winning in Trainer Battles in the GO Battle League or defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders”


Image of Rocket RadarImage of Star PieceImage of Premium Battle PassImage of Alolan Exeggutor - Shiny OnImage of Sensu Style Oricorio Hat Avatar Item
1x Rocket Radar; 3x Star Pieces; 1 Premium Battle Pass, (Possibly Shiny) Alolan Exeggutor encounter; Sensu style Oricorio avatar hat “and more”

Alolan Marowak

During the Alola to Alola event times, evolving any Cubone will net you an Alolan Marowak. Unlike previous Alolan Marowak, these special evolved ones will know the Charged Attack Shadow Bone – Alolan Marowak’s signature attack.

Shadow Bone in Pokémon Go has 75 Power in PVP Trainer Battles and 80 Power in Gym and Raid battles.

Additionally, Cubone will be available more frequently in the wild during the event dates, and may also be shiny – so this is a great opportunity to get a shiny Alolan Marowak!

Increased wild encounters

Increased Wild Encounters**
Rare Encounters: **
* Might be Shiny


1-Star Raids*****
3-Star Raids***
5-Star Raids
* Might be Shiny

7km Eggs

* Might be Shiny

Other event bonuses

An Alolan-themed Collection Challenge will be available, offering progress towards the Elite Collector medal, 15,000 XP, 15 Ultra Balls and an encounter with Rockruff. Meanwhile a 2x stardust bonus for opening gifts will also apply during the event.

Field Research tasks may also offer encounters with the Alolan Starter Pokémon, Pikipek or a possibly-shiny Yungoos for completing them during this time too.

Finally, new backpack Avatar items will be permanently available in the store as of the start of the event, featuring cute designs of the Alolan starter Pokémon appearing to be sitting within them.

Prior to the Alola to Alola event, however, this weekend will play host to the Alolan Geodude Community Day. There are no announcements yet as to what may replace the Season of Alola in June, but with Pokémon Go Fest due to start in the first weekend of the month, it’s probable that the rest of the summer will be entirely centred around the various Go Fest activities.

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