Pokémon Presents: Mew and Mewtwo Tera Raid events announced for September

Posted at: 3:23pm on 8th August 2023

A special Tera Raid event series has been announced for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet to run during September. This event will see the debut of Mew and Mewtwo in the Paldea Region, with the Mythical Mew being available via Mystery Gift from today until the 18th of September and Mewtwo being available to defeat and catch in special Tera Raids from the 1st of September to the 18th.

To claim your Mew, simply enter GETY0URMEW into the Mystery Gift menu before 4pm on the 18th of September. You can then bring that Mew with you to Raid Dens to take on Mewtwo during the September dates of the event in the hope of being able to defeat and catch it. A new and unique boost will be available to Mew when participating in these Raids, so you’ll definitely want to come with one prepared. Once caught, the Mewtwo will have the Mightiest Mark. As with other Tera Raid events, you’ll only be able to catch the Pokémon once, but can enter as many raids as you like and continue claiming the other rewards.

Details on the Mewtwo raid are otherwise scarce, though we do know it will be a Psychic Tera Type. Don’t expect them to be a pushover even with Mew in hand, though.

In order to help prepare for Mewtwo’s arrival, two additional Tera Raid events will be taking place throughout the rest of August focused on lots of item rewards to help you get ready. The first wave begins at midnight tonight and runs until the 18th August. The second wave will then run throughout the rest of the month until Mewtwo starts appearing in raids on the 1st September.

Towards the end of the Mewtwo Raids, on the 13th September, the first part of the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC will be released, so preparing for the raids will be a great opportunity to also prepare your team for your next adventure in Kitakami.

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