Pokémon Scarlet & Violet have launched worldwide – and so has our new PokéDex and updated Trainer Card Maker!

Posted at: 1:08pm on 18th November 2022(Updated at: 1:36 pm 18/11/2022)

It’s finally launch day! Pokémon Scarlet & Violet are now available worldwide and after months of waiting we can all finally dig in to exploring the new Paldea Region and it’s various new Pokémon for ourselves. Of course, we, just like everyone else playing, not only want to be able to share our latest Pokémon teams with our friends, but to find out more about the Pokémon themselves. That’s why today we’re not only launching a huge update to the Trainer Card Maker – adding every single new Pokémon to it as well as a couple new features – but our brand new PokéDex too!

The new Pokécharms PokéDex

Our brand new Pokédex not only contains the complete details on every Pokémon that appears in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, but our extensive data goes all the way back to Pokémon Red & Blue, making it an essential resource whatever game you’re playing.

Most importantly for players getting started today, however, is that it also sports a unique Spoiler Mode feature. With this mode turned on – which it will be by default until the 1st December – any previously unannounced Pokémon will have their details hidden where-ever you might find them in the Pokédex.

Our Spoiler Mode in action

You can choose to toggle this off temporarily and see the full details if you wish, but be aware that while it remains the default option it will eventually turn back on, including when and if you refresh the page.

We’ve got even more details yet to add to the PokéDex, but for now please make sure to check out our listings of all the new Generation IX Pokémon and the complete Paldea Regional PokéDex.

Check out the rest of the PokéDex here and don’t worry if you forget the URL – it will be replacing the Cryptidex link at the top of every page from today!

Trainer Card Maker Update

Not only have we added every single new Pokémon to the Trainer Card Maker, but we’ve got two brand new options to add to your card for each Pokémon as well! You can now add the Pokémon’s Tera Type, as well as an additional bonus icon depicting a range of different things from Pokémon Go’s Shadow/Purified Pokémon markings, to the PokéDex Origin marks for the various regions. You can even mark Pokémon with an icon to denote that they are a Shiny Pokémon, an Alpha Pokémon or even that they can Mega Evolve or have a Gigantamax factor!

The Modern Trainer Card Maker has also undergone a slight facelift to make it easier to see the changes on your card as you make them without needing to scroll back up. But, don’t worry if you do need to go back up because our old friend Drifloon is finally back to help. Just click on him and he’ll escort you to heaven back to the top of the page. Expect to see Drifloon rolling out to more of the site soon!

Finally, if you’re worried about seeing new Pokémon spoilers when using the Trainer Card Maker as you play through Scarlet & Violet yourself, we’ve got you! Just like the PokéDex, the Trainer Card Maker also comes with a new Spoiler Mode toggle, and again is enabled by default until the 1st December.

When you discover a new Pokémon for yourself and want to add it to your Trainer Card, however, you can simply search for the name and hover over the spoiler warning for a couple of seconds to confirm it’s the right Pokémon. No need to turn the Spoiler Mode off entirely!

Of course, we can’t protect you from people sharing cards with spoiler Pokémon on them after they’ve made them, but hopefully all of this across both the Trainer Card Maker and our new PokéDex at least helps players who want to go into the games as blind as possible to explore them for themselves!

More to come!

There are even more updates to both our PokéDex and the Trainer Card Maker to come – including new backgrounds and trainers next week – but that’s not even the full extent of our Scarlet & Violet coverage! Our existing guides will soon be updated with the full details from the final game and we’ll be adding up to dozens more over the coming days, including guides on the new breeding mechanics, the food boosts and how they work, a shiny-hunting guide and much, much more.

Be sure to keep checking back with us over the rest of the weekend and throughout the coming weeks for everything you need to help you on your new Paldean Adventure!

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