Pokémon Unite’s birthday party spreads into September with Mew, Dodrio and Scizor, a new map and battles against legendary trainers

Posted at: 1:40pm on 25th August 2022

Mew, Dodrio and Scizor will be joining the ranks of playable Pokémon throughout September in Pokémon Unite as part of the game’s continuing 1st Anniversary celebrations. Meanwhile, the Theia Sky Ruins map announced last week at Worlds will soon be available for matches, featuring many new Legendary and boss Pokémon and battles against legendary trainers from across the main Pokémon series are on their way too.

More new characters

Mew will be joining the game from the 2nd September and will, as you’d expect, provide a very unique challenge as it will forget and relearn moves during battle from an expanded move pool to take full advantage of it’s ability to learn and use every Pokémon attack.

Mew will be available as an in-game reward for completing an Ancient Mew style mural. It’s unclear whether it’ll also be available to purchase as a standard Unite License later on.

Dodrio and Scizor were also announced to be landing on the 14th and 28th September respectively.

Theia Sky Ruins

This new map, originally announced at Worlds last week, will feature Pokémon such as Regieleki, Regirock, Regice, Registeel and Rayquaza. It will be available from the 2nd September and will feature two events throughout the month that will help unlock Mew.

Legacy Trainer Showdown

For the first time, other characters from the Pokémon series will be appearing in Pokémon Unite, with a fearsome team led by Leon and Charizard appearing as as an AI challenger for you and your friends to take on between the 9th September and the 6th October.

The full team includes:

  • Leon & Charizard
  • Korrina & Lucario
  • Green & Blastoise
  • Raihan & Duraludon
  • Cynthia & Garchomp

And More

Other events running throughout the month include the continuation of the 1st Anniversary Holowear and Unite License giveway, with Pikachu, Blastoise, Lucario, Snorlax, Sylveon and a piece of holowear for each all available for free simply by logging in for 5 separate days through to the 12th October.

A campaign for lapsed players will also be running between the 21st September and the 5th October, with extra rewards and points available for players returning to the game after a while. Meanwhile an invite-a-friend campaign running between the 14th September and the 6th October will also have some special bonus rewards for you and your friends, including a Bonfire Style Slowbro Unite License/Holowear.

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