Pokémon Unite’s upcoming Battle Pass and special “Pokémon Unite Day” announced

Posted at: 9:26am on 27th April 2022(Updated at: 9:31 am 27/4/2022)

The 7th season of Pokémon Unite kicks off tomorrow, with a new Battle Pass themed around Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festivals that often take place in May as spring is officially sprung. A special ‘Pokémon Unite Day’ has also been announced to start taking place monthly, with sales, boosts and the ability to play using any existing Unite License for free.

The new Battle Pass stars both Blastoise and Charizard, with new Holowears for both themed around traditional Japanese clothing. There will also be a number of similarly themed clothes to unlock for your own character.

New, similarly themed, Holowears for Eldegoss and Trevenant will also be available via a new Event Mission currency you can pick up through continued battles. Meanwhile a new Mamoswine Holowear will also be available for completing the Ranked Match Season 4 challenges.

Pokémon Unite Day

Starting on the 7th and 8th May, the first Saturday and Sunday of a month will now be ‘Pokémon Unite Day(s)’. During these two days all existing Unite Licenses will be playable for free and various Holowears will be put on sale. There will also be boosts to the amount of Eos coins and Eos energy you collect from battles, as well as a temporary increase to the maximum amount of Eos coins you can collect during these two days by 1,000.

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