The Digital World has invaded ours!

Posted at: 2:43pm on 1st April 2023(Updated at: 2:44 pm 1/4/2023)

This morning something very strange happened with our Trainer Card Maker. One minute everything was fine and normal, and the next everything was… Digimon?

While the effects seem limited to the Trainer Card Maker, the Digital World seems to be making an incursion on our own. Instead of Trainer Cards, we now have… Tamer Cards? Instead of Trainers, we have Digidestined, and most outlandish of all, instead of Pokémon, we have Digimon! Just shy of 300 of them, in fact!

Fortunately, being the Digital creatures they are, they were kind enough to leave a complete, functional backup of the real Trainer Card Maker so we can continue with business as normal all the same. For now, it can be found at, but we’re working behind the scenes to get it back to its rightful home. We expect it’ll be back to normal sometime during the 2nd of April.

In the meantime… well, might as well make Tamer Cards while the digitally simulated sun shines, hey?

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