The Trainer Card Maker bids Ash & Pikachu a fond farewell

Posted at: 11:07pm on 22nd March 2023

Well, this is it, folks. Airing this week in Japan is the final ever episode of the Pokémon Anime starring Ash & Pikachu. Originally announced back in December, Ash & Pikachu’s departure comes after over 1,200 episodes, 23 movies and 26 years of adventures. To bid them farewell, we’ve updated the Trainer Card Maker with a tonne of new backgrounds and Trainer assets to celebrate the time we’ve spent together over the last two and a half decades.

We’ve got over 20 new backgrounds celebrating both Ash & Pikachu, as well as Team Rocket – who are also expected to be leaving the series for good this week. Goh, Gary and Team Rocket also join a whole host of different Ash looks, ranging from his classic 1997 style all the way through to Journeys as new Trainers to select.

We’ve got a sampling of some of the new assets below, but we’ve also updated the Trainer Card Maker this week to highlight all of the most recently added backgrounds and Trainers, so you’ll have no trouble finding them there for your own cards.

We’ll have a bit more on Ash & Pikachu’s goodbye over the weekend and another Trainer Card Maker update later on with a certain Ball-Shaped-Man leading the charge with a bunch of new Trainers from Pokémon Masters and more.

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