Trainer Card Maker v1.1.0 launches with Shiny Pokémon, dozens of new Trainers, Cyclizar and more!

Posted at: 6:06pm on 21st August 2022(Updated at: 6:24 pm 21/8/2022)

The first major feature update to our newly remade Trainer Card Maker is launching today, with version 1.1.0 of the brand new iteration bringing with it the long-awaited return of Shiny Pokémon as well as dozens more Trainers, even more delightful Pokémon Smile assets, the literally just announced new Pokémon Cyclizar and a few other fixes and improvements.

Shiny Pokémon

Although all existing Shiny Pokémon assets for the Legacy Trainer Card Maker remained after our big relaunch in March, it’s taken a bit of time to be able to set things up in order to feature Shiny Pokémon on the Modern Trainer Card Maker as well. Finally, in large part thanks to Pokémon HOME having official renders of every possible Shiny Pokémon so far, you can now correctly display any Shiny Pokémon you have in your team on your Modern card!

We’ve also finally been able to include the additional assets for those Pokémon that had different male and female appearances, as well as the shiny versions of both! For all you female Frillish and Jellicent fans out there, we thank you for your patience!

Over 70 new Trainers

Over 70 new trainers have been added from Pokémon Masters alone, including the one and only Ash Ketchum himself (with a new background to boot!). But this isn’t even the biggest news! We’ve completely overhauled our Trainer selection on the Modern Trainer Card to make it easier to find your favourite character by allowing you to select the character first and show any and all assets we have for them!

We already have over two hundred characters to choose from, and we’ll continue to add more and more as the months go by. If your favourite isn’t here yet, just let us know by getting in touch on Twitter, on our forums, or in our Discord and we’ll be sure to make sure they go to the top of the list!

New Pokémon

As well as adding the just-announced Cyclizar and all the new shiny and gender forms, we’ve also added all 100 of the Generation II Pokémon Smile assets! Ludicolo, Mime Jr and Dedenne have also made appearances in the game and have made their way into the Trainer Card Maker too!

In future feature updates we’ll have even more new styles to choose from too, so please look forward to that in the coming weeks and months.

Improvements and Fixes

The full changelog is below, which includes a few other additional improvements and fixes we’ve included in this version:

  • Added Shiny Pokémon and Female forms
  • Added Pokémon Smile assets
  • Added new Trainers
  • Added a new Background for Ash’s Sync Move
  • Reworked the Trainer Select to be a Character Select, with the choice of a text-search for your favourite character or to pick them out from a visual list
  • Added Cyclizar
  • Restricted nicknames to 17 characters to fit within the template bounds
  • Fixed instances where default Pokémon names would exceed these bounds by including form names
  • Added the option to remove a Pokémon from Modern Cards after selecting it (click the red ‘x’).
  • Improved performance slightly after choosing Pokémon
  • Fixed some outstanding instances of the Pokémon selector showing Bulbasaur icon next to Pokémon without one

We’ve also recently underwent some backend maintenance and improvements that should improve overall performance of the Trainer Card Maker under heavy load as well as a recent update that improved the experience on mobile devices.

What’s next?

The next feature update is already in the works and hopefully will be along a lot sooner than this one was. Apologies for the wait! We’d hoped to finish this one up a couple months ago but a few other ducks had to fall into place first, including last week’s necessary maintenance to update the backend.

We’ll discuss a little more about what’s coming in the next feature update soon but one thing we’d like to announce our commitment to before the release of Scarlet & Violet is that your Trainer Cards will be able to show the following along with your Pokémon:

  • Whether your Pokémon is an Alpha Pokémon from Pokémon Legends Arceus
  • Icons to indicate that your Pokémon is your chosen Mega Evolution, Dynamax or Terastallization target
  • Icons to indicate your Pokémon’s held item
  • Icons to clearly indicate your Pokémon’s gender

We’ll also have many more content updates to come, including one for every piece of relevant Scarlet & Violet news as quickly as possible after the reveal! Make sure to keep checking back with us for more and to follow us on Twitter for all of our updates.

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