Two new legendary Paradox Pokémon appearing in Tera Raids from today

Posted at: 3:59pm on 27th February 2023(Updated at: 3:59 pm 27/2/2023)

Two brand new Paradox Pokémon based on the legendaries Suicune and Virizion will be available in Tera Raids for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet starting today and running through to the 12th March.

Walking Wake, a prehistoric take on Suicune will appear in Pokémon Scarlet Tera Raids with a Water Tera Type, while Iron Leaves, a robotic take on Virizion, will appear in Pokémon Violet Raids with a Psychic Tera Type. Only one of each Pokémon can be caught per save file, though you’ll be able to continue taking part in other raids if you choose to.

While this is a limited time Raid event, both Pokémon will appear in future events, so don’t be too worried if you miss out.

Walking Wake
Iron Leaves

While both Pokémon have been teased in their respective game’s Scarlet/Violet Books already, neither actually featured within the game’s code until now. Although it was previously expected that they would feature as DLC, this surprisingly means that they will be added to the games as part of a Raid Event specific update, opening the door for future Raid Events to potentially do the same with either returning or other new Pokémon.

Even more new Pokémon have been confirmed as part of the DLC itself, meanwhile. Be sure to check out our full report on The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero for more!

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