Ultra Beast Nihilego makes its Pokémon Go debut tomorrow during Go Fest

Posted at: 8:14pm on 4th June 2022

UB-01 Parasite, AKA the Ultra Beast Nihelgo, will be the first of Sun and Moon’s mysterious legendary-class Pokémon to appear in Pokémon Go as part of the second day of this year’s first Go Fest event.

As teased by the end of the first day’s Shaymin Special Research, Ultra Wormholes have started appearing within the world of Pokémon Go. Throughout the second day of Go Fest this Sunday, Nihilego will be starring in 5-star raids available to all players.

Nihelgo is a Rock/Poison type so plan raid counters accordingly!

A Pokémon Go variation of Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon’s Ultra Recon Squad, The GO Ultra Recon Squad, will also make its debut, with one of their members, Rhi, appearing in a Special Research mission exclusively available to Go Fest ticket holders. Additional Special Research revolving around the GO Ultra Recon Squad and the Ultra Wormholes will also be available to all players.

During all of the commotion surrounding the appearance of the Ultra Wormholes and both the people and Pokémon emerging from it, Professor Willow seems to have also disappeared – meaning we may well be seeing out the remainder of Go Fest without him altogether…

For anyone playing in today’s Go Fest event but was unable to complete the collection tasks or the Shaymin Special Research, all of those – including all of the Pokémon appearing as part of the hourly biome changes – will still be available during tomorrow’s second day of the event. Tickets can also still be purchased to grant access to the second day as well as the Go Fest finale event on the 27th August.

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