Welcome to the brand new Pokécharms.com!

Posted at: 6:41am on 18th March 2022

It’s taken a little while longer than anticipated, but we’re finally back and better than ever!

What you see before you today is basically Version 0.0.0 of an entirely brand new website, developed from the ground up to allow us to do more and even better things than we ever have before. Other than the content in the upgraded Forums and our wealth of classic Trainer Card Maker assets, almost no other code or DNA is shared with the previous iteration of the site, so getting this far has been a tough challenge to say the least.

While we’re very happy with the minimum spec we’ve been able to launch with today, this is very far away from being the end of development on this new version of the site. As well as expecting a few hiccups over the next days and weeks that we’ll get right onto fixing (please excuse any issues you encounter during this time!), we’re already hard at work on more new features for the Trainer Card Maker and a load of great content for the rest of the site.

Trainer Card Maker

https://tcm.pokecharms.com – the new home of the Trainer Card Maker!

The new Trainer Card Maker also has a new home: https://tcm.pokecharms.com. This should make it easier than ever to get to and to share with your friends. Speaking of which, make sure you check out the ‘share to twitter’ feature when saving your new cards, or try pasting the provided link into our new Discord Server’s TCM Sharing Channel to see just how much more improved the new style of cards are for sharing in a modern era!


We’ve had a phenomenal response to our new Discord server since announcing it last week. If you’d like to join the dozens of members who have already connected with us on there, then click the invite below and we’ll look forward to sending you a waving Peach Emoji!

Forums & Creative Corner Archive

The new and updated forums also have a brand new home: https://forums.pokecharms.com. As the current version of Xenforo is completely incompatible with all plugins used in the previous version, you might spot a few missing features here and there, as well as the unfortunate loss of the full Creative Corner feature.

With the already delayed running of today’s relaunch, we haven’t been able to set up the relevant domain name DNS functionality to provide access to the archived Creative Corner, rest assured that we’ll be sorting that out over the rest of the weekend and ensuring that you’ll be able to have continued access to all the content on there going forward for the foreseeable future.

And more to come!

Again, this really is just the start of a fresh new beginning. Now that we finally have our entire new infrastructure and development setup live and kicking we’ll be continuously updating and upgrading the site going forward, with a huge focus on being the best resource out there we can be for Scarlet and Violet‘s launch later this year.

While there might be some teething troubles along the way, we’re really looking forward to getting stuck in with what comes next, so we hope you’ll look forward to it too!

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