How to befriend Pokémon and add them to your team in Pokémon Sleep

Although you don’t catch Pokémon traditionally in Pokémon Sleep, you can still build up a large collection of Pokémon friends to help you as research partners in your sleep research sessions. It might not be immediately obvious how best to make the Pokémon you’ll encounter in your camp upon waking up become your friends, though.

To befriend the wild Pokémon you encounter on Pokémon Sleep’s various islands, you must appeal to their stomachs. After each sleep research session, a brief window of snack time will be available to treat any of the Pokémon that have joined you overnight to special biscuits. There is a range of biscuits that offer a variety of friendship points, and to successfully befriend a Pokémon, you’ll need to not only max out that Pokémon’s friendship points during that snack time session but will have to do so before the Pokémon is full up and won’t eat any more.

Biscuits Available

Bonus Biscuit+3 Friendship PointsFree
Premium Bonus Biscuit+4 Friendship PointsPremium Pass Subscription
Poké Biscuit+1 Friendship Point150 (Regular)
100 (Premium)
Great Biscuit+3 Friendship Points400 (Premium)
Master BiscuitMax Friendship Points4000 (Regular)
Prices and stores are accurate as of v1.1 / 18th July 2023

After every sleep research session, you’ll always receive 1 Bonus Biscuit or 1 Premium Bonus Biscuit if you pay for the Premium Pass. The other biscuits can be obtained in the General Store or the Regular/Premium Points Exchanges, as part of other bundles in the store, or as rewards.

Pokémon Hunger

If you feed a biscuit to a Pokémon and it is not enough to max out its friendship points, it might be too hungry afterwards to eat more. To help try and avoid this, avoid using basic Poké Biscuits – which confer a single friendship point – except to finish off a Pokémon’s friendship meter, as most Pokémon will fill up on Poké Biscuits alone long before they’ll max out their friendship with you.

You can also help make the Pokémon you’ll encounter after a research session extra hungry by using items. This will triple the friendship points conferred by any biscuit and give you up to an additional biscuit to feed that Pokémon before they become full.

If you don’t max out a Pokémon’s friendship points during that snack time session, you will not be able to befriend that Pokémon, so be mindful of wasting biscuits on Pokémon you know you will be unable to max out.

Good Camp Ticket

A Good Camp Ticket item will allow you to rent extra-comfy gear for a week. This confers multiple benefits, including helping lure extra Pokémon to camp each day that will be extra-hungry and more likely to be able to feed enough biscuits to fully befriend it before filling it up. The full benefits are as follows:

  • An extra Pokémon will appear for your sleep research – and be extra hungry.
  • Your cooking pot will be 50% larger. (That means more ingredients can fit).
  • Helpers will work 20% faster (at gathering items throughout the day)
  • Helpers can carry 20% more Berries or ingredients than usual.

Premium Pass subscribers will receive a free Good Camp Ticket once a month, and they can also be purchased in the General Store for 500 .


Before each sleep research session, you can set up two different incense items to generate a bonus effect upon completion. By using the Friend Incense, at least one Pokémon will appear during the post-research-session snack time feeling particularly hungry and more likely to be able to befriend it before filling it up.

For more information on Incense, including their prices, check out our guide on how to use Incense in Pokémon Sleep.

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