A crafty new Pokémon art exhibition is coming to Japan next year

Posted at: 12:35pm on 20th December 2022

The Pokémon Company is teaming up with Japan’s National Crafts Museum next year for a fascinating-looking mash-up of the worlds of arts and crafts and Pokémon. The exhibition, which opens at the museum in the Ishikawa Prefecture next March and runs through June, features twenty artists from “living National Treasures” to new young artists challenged with producing new sculptures, prints and even pottery with Pokémon themes.

About 70 unique pieces will be featured in the exhibit including a fierce-looking metallic Jolteon, a cast-metal Corviknight and a… well, a pot that’s swallowed a Charizard is the best thing we could come up with to explain it. Just check out the gallery of a handful of the exhibit’s pieces below to see for yourself.

The exhibition is a joint promotion between the National Crafts Museum, The Pokémon Company and NHK and starts from the 21st of March 2023 through to the 11th of June. Unfortunately, it is therefore unlikely to be available during the Pokémon World Championships tournament to be held in Japan this coming summer, but if you happen to be in Japan during those dates and can make it to Ishikawa, why not check it out?

If you can make it, the cost for a single ticket is 900 Yen, or about £5.60 as of writing. For more details, as well as directions to the museum, check out the event’s website.

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