Latest Pokécharms Trainer Card Maker update adds over 2,000 new assets in celebration of Pokémon Day!

Posted at: 11:57pm on 27th February 2023(Updated at: 11:57 pm 27/2/2023)

Our first big Trainer Card Maker update of the year is finally live and brings with it over 2,000new assets across both the Legacy and Modern Trainer Card Maker versions.

Legacy Trainer Card Maker Update

When we released the brand new Trainer Card Maker nearly a year ago, as well as a brand new Modern Card style we also completely remade the original Legacy Trainer Card Maker so classic smaller, sprite-based cards could still be made by all those who still love that style.

The increasing difficulty of making modern Pokémon assets work within the small dimensions available in the tiny 50px by 30px panels has meant that, until now, we’ve been unable to commit to being able to keep the Legacy Card Maker up-to-date with all of the new Pokémon released since.

However, we’ve been able to engineer a way for these panels to work in a way that we’re satisfied with using the Modern Icons style used in the latest Pokémon games and in Pokémon HOME and – with the exception of the new Pokémon announced earlier today, for now – we can now ensure that all 1008 Pokémon currently available can now be added to Legacy Trainer Cards as well.

We’ll aim to be able to add future Pokémon to the Legacy Trainer Card Maker while we can continue to get our hands on workable assets for it!

Modern Trainer Card Maker Update

First of all, we’ve added all of the new Pokémon and Trainers announced as part of today’s Pokémon Presents, including Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, available now in Raids and the new Pokémon and Trainers appearing in The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero DLC.

Beyond this, however, we’ve also added new assets for every Scarlet & Violet Pokémon, including the recently revealed official artwork. Meanwhile, every single Pokémon in the National PokéDex now also has a Modern Icon asset, allowing cards to match up even more than before with consistent assets.

Pokémon Day Celebrations!

Finally, to celebrate Pokémon’s 27th Birthday, we’ve added some very special assets celebrating the original release of Pokémon Red & Green and the rest of Generation 1.

The original sprites from Pokémon Red & Green are now available for all original 151 Pokémon, as well as some throwback Trainer assets for the characters Red and Blue. A handful of new backgrounds celebrating the original games have also been added to complete the set.

Even more to come!

With this latest Trainer Card Maker update, we’ve been busy working on the import processes for big sets of assets like the hundreds upon hundreds added today. That means that we can keep doing that for even more assets across many other styles. Over the coming weeks, we’re planning on adding even more, so make sure to keep checking back and to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates as they come.

Be sure to keep an eye on us around the time of our own birthday next month as we’ll be looking to celebrate our own 20th birthday with news on one of the most in-demand new features for the Trainer Card Maker, and, indeed, the rest of the site.

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