More details on Wiglett revealed with new official trailer

Posted at: 2:34pm on 29th September 2022

After it’s surprise reveal yesterday, we’ve got a more complete announcement of the new Pokémon Wiglett today, with some initial details on the Pokémon’s type and abilities as well as confirmation that it is not a regional variant of Diglett. Sort of.

The new trailer is short and to the point, but we do now know that Wiglett is a Water type Pokémon with the abilities Gooey and Rattled.

Styled after real life Garden Eels, Wiglett’s resemblance to Diglett is described as “mere coincidence” – but much like many real-world animals, that hasn’t stopped scientists in the Pokémon world naming it after Diglett anyway.

Just like it’s Kantonian and Alolan counterparts, however, the majority of Wiglett’s body is permanently hidden underground. Uniquely, however, it has a sense of smell that can pick up scents from over 60 feet away – an ability it uses to hide under the ground when it senses other Pokémon or predators.

As well as having updated our Cryptidex page on Wiglett with all the latest information, we’ve also been able to add it to our Trainer Card Maker so you can start planning on building your team around it ahead of November.

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