New Pokémon, Trainers and Backgrounds from Pokémon Scarlet & Violet are now available in the Trainer Card Maker!

Posted at: 5:19pm on 3rd August 2022(Updated at: 5:30 pm 3/8/2022)

Following as quickly as we could manage in the footsteps of today’s big Pokémon Scarlet & Violet news, we’ve got a quick new update for the Trainer Card Maker for you! This update adds the three new Pokémon revealed today, all the new Trainer characters and three new backgrounds inspired by today’s news.

New Pokémon

Fidough, Cititan and Paldean Wooper have all been added to the Trainer Card Maker to start building your own speculative Scarlet & Violet teams with! They join all other currently announced Generation IX Pokémon, all of whom can now also be found at our Cryptidex, where you’ll always find all the latest information on the new, upcoming Pokémon.

New Trainers

The characters Arven, Clavell, Jacq, Grusha and Penny have all been added as selectable options now too!

New Backgrounds

Three new backgrounds based on the artwork released today have also been added – including the new Paldea region. You can see them, along with some of the other new assets in action below:

We’ll have more updates to the Trainer Card Maker coming soon and will continue to keep it up-to-date with any new Scarlet & Violet content as soon as we’re able to! Check back soon for more!

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