Pokémon Company trolls everybody with a 3 minute animated announcement of an announcement [Updated]

Posted at: 1:26pm on 12th October 2022(Updated at: 9:51 am 13/10/2022)

After yesterday’s announcement of an announcement to come today, that very announcement has turned out to actually be an announcement of an announcement in the future! While today’s 3 minute animated (though not rendered in-engine) trailer did introduce us to the Paldea Region’s Electric type Levincia Gym Leader Iono, it… didn’t really reveal much more of anything at all. A tease of Iona’s partner Pokémon did at least set up a future reveal of another new Pokémon, though.

Presented in a sort of VTuber-like hyperactive ‘influencer’ stream (voiced entirely in Japanese, but subtitled), Iono teases her Pokémon partner with the following descriptions:

  • It feels “Squishy! Squishy-squishy”
  • It, er, isn’t Magnemite or Pikachu…
  • It is “a l’il sluggish with an easygoin’ vibe”
  • It has “two big ol’ bumps on its noggin that people always mistake for eyes”
  • It is an Electric type
  • It’s body “expands and contracts to generate electricity in it’s belly”
  • It’s “SOOO CUTE”…

The reveal of the new Pokémon is teased to be in Iono’s “next stream” meaning that we have even more of this to look forward to in the near future. It’s not yet clear when that next reveal will be, but perhaps next week is a pretty solid bet.

Hopefully we’ll have something a little bit more substantial to report on soon!

Update 13th October: It’s now been confirmed that Iono will return to our screens with yet another Iono Zone at the usual 2pm BST time tomorrow, the 14th October. Her new partner Pokémon will be actually revealed this time.

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