Pokémon Go Fest’s upcoming Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo events to debut three new Ultra Beasts

Posted at: 1:15pm on 22nd June 2022

Following Ultra Beast Nihelego’s appearance during the second day of the Go Fest digital launch event at the start of June, three more Ultra Beasts are set to debut in Pokémon Go as part of the upcoming physical events taking place in Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo throughout July and August.

The Ultra Beasts set to appear in each event are:



Berlin, Germany
1st July – 3rd July
Seattle, USA
22nd July – 24th July
Sapporo, Japan
5th August – 7th August

All three Ultra Beasts will be exclusive to their own Go Fest event for now, but will be available globally later in the Season of Go – possibly as part of the final digital event taking place at the end of August.

Unlike Nihelego’s debut, this time the Ultra Beasts also bring with them the debut of Beast Balls into the game – the first new PokéBall type to be available since launch. A limited amount of these balls will be available from Special Research completed during the in-person events.

As well as other bonuses previously announced for the live Go Fest events, Niantic have also confirmed that a ‘Cowboy Hat Snorlax’ will be available in the wild at the event locations, as well as – potentially shiny – Unown A, B, E, L, R, S, T and U.

On the 27th August, all players will also be able to take part in the final Go Fest digital event. If you purchased tickets to the this month’s first Digital event, you will already have ticketed access to it. Tickets for those without and more information about the event will be available “soon”.

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