New Ghost type Dog Pokémon, Greavard, revealed in cute marketing video where a Paldean school student literally dies

Posted at: 1:18pm on 25th October 2022(Updated at: 11:06 pm 3/11/2022)

After yesterday’s tease of new Ghost type Pokémon to appear in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, an additional video released today has revealed an as-yet-un-named Ghost type doggo who… seemingly straight up murders the Naranja School student filming the video… Happy Halloween!

While no further details have been revealed about the Pokémon just yet [UPDATE: Now with newly confirmed details – see below!], we do at least have the confirmation that it is a Ghost type. It could even be mistaken for the existing Ghost type Pokémon Litwick from a distance. Despite the inherent horror of a ghostly dog, the new Pokémon does at least seem quite happy and playful. Right up until it sucks all the life out of our narrating host, that is…

We’re sure she’s probably just having a nap…

We’ll bring you more on the new Pokémon as soon as we have it, with a full reveal hopefully coming within the next day or two. As soon as we have that, all the latest information will not only be available on our Cryptidex, but you’ll even be able to add the latest of the Goodest Boys to your Trainer Card. [UPDATE: And just like that, all the info on Greavard is now available here, AND you can add it to your Trainer Cards right now!]

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more of a fright, you could put yourselves in Niantic’s shoes this morning after the pretty disastrous rollout and subsequent cancellation of what was meant to be a surprise debut of Zorua in Pokémon Go.

[UPDATE: An additional trailer has now confirmed that the new Pokémon is called Greavard. A pure Ghost type. Check it out below. ]

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