Nintendo of America debuts two Pokémon Scarlet & Violet TV ads

Posted at: 10:17am on 25th October 2022

With just weeks to go before the release of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Nintendo of America has released two versions of it’s upcoming TV ads for the new games. While not much new gameplay footage is shown, we do get to see a real-world representation of the Paldea Region and several Pokémon.

As well as the full-length ad above, a 30 second condensed version will also be shown, which we have below.

Later on today, even more Scarlet & Violet news is expected, with a Ghost type reveal following yesterday’s Gengar-themed tease. Make sure to check back this afternoon for all the latest information. Remember, any new Pokémon that are fully revealed today will not only be fully detailed within our Cryptidex, but will also be available to select on the Trainer Card Maker before the end of the day!

Meanwhile, a surprise Halloween event in Pokémon Go that was meant to feature the debut of Zorua has been cancelled after the first players to experience it were able to exploit the event to give caught Zorua the stats, CP and attacks of whatever Pokémon they had set as their buddy.