Upcoming Pokémon Go events updated with Ultra Unlock bonuses and Pokémon

Posted at: 9:19am on 4th July 2022

The recently announced Anniversary Event and Battle Weekend Pokémon Go events have been updated with more Pokémon and bonuses following the completion of a Global Research Task during this past weekend’s Berlin Go Fest.

PansearUnown F*Wash Rotom

Alongside all the previously announced details, potentially Shiny Pansear and Unown E have been added as encounters during the Anniversary Event between the 6th July and the 12th. Shiny Pansear just made its debut exclusively at Berlin’s Go Fest, making this the first opportunity for trainers around the world to catch one. Both will also appear in One-Star Raids during the event.

A new Timed Research will also be available and reward Wash Rotom for completion during the event.

Battle Weekend bonuses

The upcoming Team GO Rocket themed Battle Weekend on the 9th and 10th of July will also see previously event-exclusive moves for most Starter Pokémon (through to Gen V) return should you evolve them during the weekend.

Frenzy Plant
(Charged Attack)
Blast Burn
(Charged Attack)
Hydro Cannon
(Charged Attack)
Dragon Breath
(Fast Attack)

The next in-person Go Fest event is set to take place from the 22nd July to the 24th in Seattle. Shiny Pansage and the Ultra Beast Buzzwole will be making their debut during this weekend, much like Shiny Pansear and Pherosma did in Berlin this past weekend. While the Unovan monkey trio will likely all be available globally should the remaining Global Research Tasks be completed during the Go Fest events, the Ultra Beasts will remain exclusive to the Go Fest events until closer to the end of The Season Of Go this September.

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