All Pokémon that are only available in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet by transferring from Pokémon HOME

As well as the 297 returning Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet that you can find within the Paldea Region’s PokéDex, there are 78 Pokémon and 22 Pokémon Regional forms that you will only be able to obtain within the game by transferring them in through Pokémon HOME when support for Scarlet & Violet launches in early 2023.

This list is based entirely off of Pokémon that currently exist within the game’s code as of the 18th November 2022 and more Pokémon may be added later through patches or DLC, so whilst it is currently a complete list, this might change by the time Pokémon HOME support is actually available.

Some Pokémon might also become available through 6-Star Black Den Raid events run by Game Freak over the coming months, with Charizard first being available in Raids between the 2nd-4th December 2022 and the 16th-18th December 2022.

For the full details on the moves these Pokémon can learn in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, check out their pages on our new PokéDex. You’ll also find data on every Pokémon for every Pokémon game going all the way back to Pokémon Red & Blue.

Transfer-only Pokémon

Transfer-only Regional Forms