Becoming Champion: Challenging the Paldean Elite Four and Top Champion Geeta in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Warning – This guide contains spoilers for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet!

Once you’ve taken down all eight of Paldea’s Gym Leaders only one challenge remains in your quest to become Pokémon Champion: taking on the Paldea Region’s Elite Four and Top champion. This is the amongst the toughest challenge in the game, so make sure to follow our guide on every member’s Team to be as prepared as possible for how to take them down.

The Final Test

Before you can even challenge the Elite Four in battle, first you must take on a final assessment under Rika’s steely gaze. The Champion Assessment test can actually be somewhat more challenging than the battles to come depending on how well you remember the events leading up to this point, so if you’re struggling and looking to cheat on the test, well, just don’t tell Rika we gave you the answers at least.

How did you get here today?

Just answer truthfully out of the three options available.

Please tell me the name of the school you are enrolled in.

Remember: Pokémon Scarlet players are enrolled in the Naranja Academy, while Pokémon Violet players are enrolled in the Uva Academy.

Now, what do you intend to do if any when you become a Champion?

Any of these answers are acceptable, but we chose “I want to become stronger”. Make sure you remember which option you choose, though!

Which of the eight Gyms gave you the most difficulty?

Answer truthfully if you can remember, but the answer to this question actually only matters because it informs the one that follows. Make sure you pay attention and remember your selection!

What was the name of the Gym Leader you faced there?

Now you see why you had to remember your last answer! If you’re not sure of the answer, check out our Gym Leaders guide for a reminder.

Do you remember which type of Pokémon the Gym Leader used?

Again, you can find the answer in our guide if you can’t remember the details of the Gym Battle itself.

What was the category of the Pokémon you chose to be your first partner?

This should be an easy one, but if you need the hint:

Remind me, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion?

If you chose “I want to become stronger” like we did, then make sure you respond with that. Otherwise we’ll leave this one up to your own memory!

Do you like Pokémon?

Safe to say there’s a very obvious correct answer to this question in a Pokémon game.

Challenging the Elite Four

Once you pass the test, you’ll be able to move onto the second part of the Champion Assessment Test: challenging the Elite Four in battle. If you happen to lose in any of the upcoming battles, don’t worry, you won’t need to sit Rika’s test again. But you will have to start over from challenging Rika in battle.

Elite Four Rika’s Team

Rika’s specialization in Ground Type Pokémon will mean you can get quite far here with a strong Water Type Pokémon, but don’t think you’ll have everything your own way as her leading Pokémon Whiscash will require a completely different strategy right off the bat. Grass Type Pokémon will also be largely helpful, but Camerupt and Clodsire are lazer-targeted at avoiding a clean-sweep from the likes of Meowscarada as well.

Be most wary of Clodsire, which will Terastallise with a Ground Tera Type, negating it’s own Ground type weakness as a Poison Type while maintaining it’s own effectiveness against Grass Types. It will also make heavy use of the tactic of poisoning your Pokémon before retreating behind Protect to hide and wait it out.

As if all of that weren’t enough, Clodsire also has the Ability Water Absorb, meaning Water Type attacks are not only useless against it, but will actually heal it.

That leaves only Ice Type attacks as an uncountered weakness on Clodsire. The new attack Ice Spinner, available as TM124 might therefore be your best friend in this particular battle.

Make sure to heal your team

Remember, there’s no automatic healing or any Pokémon Centres you can visit in between Elite Four matches. Make sure you bring enough healing items up front and be sure to put them to use between each battle!

Elite Four Poppy’s Team

Poppy might look small and unimpressive herself, but her Steel Type team is no joke. Ground Type attacks will be effective against Copperajah, Magnezone and Tinkaton, but Corviknight and Bonzong will be completely immune to them, so you’ll need to counter them some other way.

Fire Type moves will probably be the strongest offense you can make here – especially if you happen to have a Talonflame on your team to dodge any attempt at striking back with Ground Type attacks of their own. Beware the complication of Magnezone’s Electric Type attacks, however.

Tinkaton will Terastallize as a pure Steel Type, which will actually give it back the weakness to Fighting Type moves that it’s usual Fairy Type protects it from. But remember that it will still have plenty of Fairy Type moves to hit Fighting Types with super-effective damage from.

Elite Four Larry’s Team

Larry’s back pulling double duty on instruction from his boss, Top Champion Geeta. This time he’s brought an entire team of Flying Type Pokémon along with his Staraptor from before.

Don’t think you can just coast by on Electric type attacks here, though. Tropius, Altaria and Oricorio will all take them in their stride. You’ll mostly have to instead rely on hitting most of Larry’s team with their secondary weaknesses such as Fire or Fairy. All 5 will struggle with Ice Type attacks, however – so if you’ve got Ice Spinner on your team somewhere for taking on Clodsire, it can be put to good use here too.

Larry’s Flamigo will Terastallize as a pure Flying Type, which will greatly boost it’s ferocious Brave Bird attack. If you can withstand the onslaught, however, a solid Rock, Electric or Ice attack should make relatively short work of it.

Elite Four Hassel’s Team

As a Dragon Type user, Hassel poses one of the toughest challenges of the entire Elite Four, but Ice and Fairy Type attacks should have gotten you quite far already, so your team should hopefully already be prepared for it.

Noivern and Flapple in particular will both take Ice Type attacks the hardest, while Ice, Fairy or Dragon Type attacks will still be effective against Dragalge and Haxorus.

New Pokémon Baxcalibur throws a wrench into the works somewhat, however. Although, because Hassel will Terastallize it into a pure Dragon Type, you can still attack it with Ice Type attacks. But, it’s abundance of Ice and Dragon Type moves will mean any Dragon Types in your team definitely should stay far away.

Be mindful of Baxcalibur’s Thermal Exchange Ability, too. This will boost it’s attack stat when hit with Fire Type attacks, which won’t be particularly effective against it.

Hassel’s entire team will still hit like a tonne of bricks no matter what Type advantage you might have, so be prepared to strategically swap out and heal if you need to as well.

Top Champion Geeta’s Team

Compare to the Elite Four, Top Champion Geeta’s Team might actually be considered a bit more of a simple affair. The main things to watch out for are Espathra’s Opportunity Ability – which will raise it’s stats to match any of your own boosts, and Kingambit’s Supreme Overlord Ability raising it’s Attack and Special Attack stats for each of Geeta’s Pokémon you’ve defeated before it entered battle.

Glimmora’s Toxic Debris Ability will also cause poison spikes to be littered around your team after it takes damage, causing any Pokémon that switch in afterwards to be badly poisoned. However, if you can hit it up-front with a Ground Type attack you should be able to neutralise it as a problem before that comes up, even after Geeta Terastallizes it into a pure Rock type. Once Terastallized, a Fighting, Steel, Water or Grass Type attack will do the trick, also.

Becoming a Paldea Region Pokémon Champion

Upon defeating Geeta, you will now officially be a Pokémon Champion! The Paldea Region does have multiple Champions, and you cannot claim Geeta’s spot as Top Champion, but still!

Pokémon Centers will now address you as Pokémon Champion, and you will now also have the ability to use the Judge Function of a Pokémon’s Individual Value stats in Pokémon Boxes.

Before completing the Pokémon League Path of the story, however, there is one final battle to take place. The final showdown between you and your rival, Nemona.

Pokémon Champion Nemona’s Team

If you chose Sprigatito:

If you chose Fuecoco:

If you chose Quaxly:

What to do now that you’re Pokémon Champion

With the Pokémon League Challenge story path completed, you’ll need to now make sure you’ve completed the other two story paths: the Path of Legends and Starfall Street.

With all three story paths completed, one final adventure is left to take care of: an expedition into Area Zero.